In the current global context, it is vital to have a good understanding of the role of the private sector and of partnerships in sustainable development, the conditions for private sector development, its inclusiveness the impact of globalisation, and the way in which governments – both from the Global South and industrialised countries – can enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of local business to achieve higher levels of development and employability. Knowledge of these aspects in the eco-system is often scattered, and lacks expertise on both the strategies, policies, structures and skills of the key actors involved: the firms, and on how these strategies affect the firms’ interactions with governments, universities and vocational training organisations, international organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders, both locally and internationally. It is precisely in these fields, on these cross roads that MSM is focusing its research.

The research is clustered in five themes related to emerging economies:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digitisation
  • Leadership, Change and Organisational Development
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Development
  • Globalisation, Value Chains and Industrial Policy
  • Educational Development

MSM’ research is an integral part of the mission of MSM. The Research Department in collaboration and in coordination with the Expert Centre on Emerging Economies steers and supports the research of faculty and students to enable MSM to achieve its mission. In doing so, MSM aims to conduct, co-ordinate, commission, publish, apply and disseminate research that

  • Add value to leaders, managers and entrepreneurs; that
  • Inform organisational learning, social responsiveness and environmental sustainability; that
  • Support policy makers to create and maintain supportive and competitive business conditions and that
  • Bridge the gap between applied research and decision-making.