About MSM Research

Research is an integral part of the mission of MSM. The Research Department, in collaboration with MSM’s administrative staff and in coordination with the International Projects and Consultancies, steers and supports the research of Faculty and students to enable MSM to achieve its mission. In doing so the Research Department aims to lead MSM to conduct, co-ordinate, commission, publish, apply and disseminate research that

  • Add value to leaders, managers and entrepreneurs; that
  • Inform organizational learning, social responsiveness and environmental sustainability; that
  • Support policy makers to create and maintain supportive and competitive business conditions and that
  • Bridge the gap between applied research and decision-making.

MSM is a partner of the CERES national Research School for Resource Studies for Development in the Netherlands.

CERES was established in 1994. Its main objective is to provide first class PhD training and stimulate research aimed at understanding processes of social transformation in the context of an increasing global interconnectedness and interdependence. CERES is a member of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) and provides the current president of EADI. In 2011 the school was reaccredited by the Dutch Royal Academy of Science (KNAW) as an interuniversity research school. CERES developed its own valuation system to ensure the quality of scientific output. In 2011, this system was adopted in Europe under the aegis EADI. For more information see : https://ceres.sites.uu.nl/