Exploring degrees of wellbeing of women entrepreneurs in refugee settlements in the Middle East


Josette Dijkhuizen, Honorary Professor in Entrepreneurship Development, recently published a book chapter titled “Exploring degrees of wellbeing of women entrepreneurs in refugee settlements in the Middle East.”

Women entrepreneurs in refugee settlements are amongst the most vulnerable group of people. The chapter investigates if and to what extent entrepreneurial activities mitigate life uncertainty and how this affects the scarce level of wellbeing of refugees in settlement camps in Jordan and Lebanon. The theme is relevant because, although the subject of women in entrepreneurship is receiving increasing attention in the literature, there is almost no information about the condition of women entrepreneurs in refugee camps.

Josette Dijkhuizen visited several refugee settlements to interview the women entrepreneurs together with a photographer to make ‘pictures with a story’. By conducting this study there is now first-hand information on the life of women refugee entrepreneurs. By telling their stories – illustrated by photographs – the aim is to get in contact with more stakeholders who want to assist these women to become more sustainable entrepreneurs.

Josette Dijkhuizen is also writing a book on this topic. This book will be a call to the international community to take these women seriously and to truly assist them in realizing a sustainable business. Josette is an active entrepreneur, and project leader for many projects on women entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups. As a guest speaker she is available for trainings, presentations and workshops across the globe.

The chapter is published in the book: The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship – A Global Perspective.

Picture: Photography Jeroen Berkhout

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