Unlocking leadership excellence experience for OCAG Bangladesh at Maastricht School of Management


From 25 September – 06 October 2023, MSM welcomed 15 Senior Officials - from the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (OCAG), the Surpreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Bangladesh – for a dynamic two week Custom-made leadership programme. The programme was a groundbreaking EU funded initiative, aimed to enhance leadership and auditing capabilities, a pathway for OCAG towards Auditing Excellence and addressing the challenges of Modern Governance.

The acquired knowledge was provided by a mix of guest lectures, presenting best practices, a unique work visit to the European Unit Auditing Court and knowledge sessions from MSM specialised lecturers in  leadership and change management. It was not only designed to fortiy the OCAG's auditing capabilities, but also positioned its leaders as dynamic agents of change, equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of governance and public accountability.

Under the guidance of Mr. Leo Kerklaan, OCAG delegates delved into the intricacies of national reform and auditing frameworks. Mr. Kerklaan's expertise provided a profound understanding of aligning audit strategies with national reform initiatives, empowering OCAG officials to be at the forefront of driving positive change in the governance landscape.

An eye-opening one-day guest lecture was presented by Hofmeier Professionals, who are leaders in the field of auditing. The lecture was titled 'Revolutionizing Audit Methodologies: Soft Audits Unveiled.' Through interactive sessions, OCAG officials gained insights into incorporating qualitative assessments into traditional audit approaches, thereby ensuring a holistic and nuanced perspective in their auditing practices. Martijn Zoet, from the Lectoraat Future Proof Finance at Hoge School Zuyd, brought a visionary perspective to the table, exploring the art of auditing smart cities. OCAG officials were enlightened on the integration of technological advancements and innovative governance structures, preparing them to navigate the complexities of auditing in the digital age.

Another highlight of the programme was a work visit to the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg,  where the participants gained firsthand exposure to the highest standards of audit practices. This visit served as a cornerstone in understanding the intricacies of European audit methodologies, explained by Johan Adriaan Lok, Head of Cabinet Stef Blok. Furthermore, an expert on digital auditing explained how the European Court of auditors enabled the successful transformation to digital auditing within European Court of auditors. OCAG delegates had the unparalleled opportunity to witness global best practices, enhancing their perspective on international audit standards and methodologies.

The programme also focused on the pivotal skill of leading change, imparting strategies for translating public reform initiatives into effective audit strategies. Professor Geert Heling, MSM’s authority in change management, equipped OCAG leaders with strategies to navigate and lead transformative changes. The programme emphasized aligning audit functions with organisational shifts, ensuring that OCAG remains agile and responsive in the face of evolving governance paradigms.

Trainer and Programme Manager Miriam Frijns delivered impactful sessions on personal leadership, empowerment, motivation, and delegationby using role play and self-assessment training methods. OCAG officials honed essential skills to inspire teams, foster motivation, and effectively delegate responsibilities, fostering a culture of excellence within the organisation.

The programme finalised by making a start of an action plan, integrating the gained knowledge that participants could convey “1 to 1” to their own workplace. Participants were very pleased with the lessons learned and requested for a follow up programme.

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