Research Summer School on Machine Learning and Data Mining – an essential part of the modern manager toolkit


“The knowledge I gained during the Machine Learning and Data Mining using Python Research Summer School will be very useful in my research. I needed this course to improve and discover techniques to analyze large data sets. The new techniques learned, enable me to have a much deeper control of the data set I am currently working on.”

This is how Gianmarco Tiddia summarized his experience in the Research Summer School 2020. From 29 June to 4 July the 18 participants were taught all the ins and outs of the Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms using the Python programming language via distance learning.

Bas Schnater indicated that Machine Learning is not something extremely difficult. “Machine Learning is about understanding the underlying principles and where you can find the appropriate Machine Learning technique. It is often misplaced as a ‘data science thing’ but I believe that understanding how it works will become an essential part of a modern manager’s toolkit, no matter in what industry they work. Because I work in media the clustering techniques will help me to better understand what types of content perform well. Machine Learning will also help me to recognize other factors that determine online content performance. I can also apply Artificial Neural Network and K-Mean Clustering techniques to better understand fan bases and to predict future expenses of specific customer segments in my other job as a consultant in football business”.

Both Gianmarco and Bas highlighted the knowledge and online teaching method of Theofrastos Mantadelis, the lecturer of the course, and the way the course was structured. Gianmarco didn’t expect to learn how to apply so many techniques in a few days. “I am very satisfied with what I have learned, especially from a practical point of view."

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