Navigating Ethical Challenges: Corporate Responsibility in a Globalised World


“I am a registered Social Auditor and a member of the Social Audit Network UK. The urgency of CSR and sustainability studies is the need of the hour. This course has been truly enlightening. The course is well-structured, providing essential insights and a thorough understanding of the technicalities around CSR and Sustainability. It covers all crucial aspects for a competent CSR professional." This is how Mr. Mathew Vijay (India) experienced the short course on Corporate Social Responsibility.

For Ms. Marie Banu Rodriguez (India) the Corporate Social Responsibility course was a valuable experience: My decision to apply for the Corporate Social Responsibility course was driven by the desire to deepen her understanding of the global perspective and to stay abreast of recent advancements ini CSR: “I am pleased to highlight that the course has proven to be highly engaging, providing me with invaluable cross-country insights.

Also Ms. Edem Akan (Canada) was very positive about the programme: “It has been an enriching experience to learn from diverse experts with experience in public and private institutions as well as being part of a rich group with a direct line of sight into sustainability, and their willingness to share their insights. I now feel better equipped to tackle complex strategic problems at a micro and macro level and look forward to the journey ahead.”

According to Mr. Vijay the diverse learning environment has been very enriching: “The diversity among participants, both in terms of professional background and international representation, added a layer of richness to the learning experience. This has facilitated collaborative learning but also provided an excellent platform for networking, making the entire educational journey even more rewarding."

Ms. Banu Rodriguez highly valued the way the content was delivered and in particular the combination of theory and practice: “The professors leading the sessions exhibit a commendable skill in seamlessly integrating case studies with theoretical concepts, fostering a rich and insightful learning environment. The recent field visit to the brewery was a particularly enlightening experience. It offered  me the opportunity for a first-hand observation of sustainability patterns and allowed for meaningful interactions with practitioners directly involved in on-the-ground initiatives.”

Mr. Vijay fully agrees with the words of Ms. Banu Rodriquez: “A highlight of this course is the calibre of the course trainers, with a special commendation to Dr. Diederik de Boer, the lead trainer. His passion and seamless mastery of the subject are truly impressive. The classes conducted under his guidance were very informative, interactive and enriching.”

About the programme
In our globalised world, companies are increasingly confronted with ethical norms and values that vary across countries. This poses a challenge for them, as diverse moral standards come with different expectations regarding the economic, social, and environmental responsibilities that companies must assume. In today's industrialised societies, stakeholders—such as customers, suppliers, employees, the public, and the media—expect companies to go beyond mere compliance with the law. In developing countries, where legal standards are typically weak, questions about basic responsibilities, such as protecting the human rights of workers or ensuring fair wages, arise.

The Corporate Social Responsibility programme, designed and delivered by Dr. Diederik de Boer, Associate Professor of Sustainable Business Development and Director of the Expert Centre on Emerging Economies at MSM, addresses these challenges. During the CSR programme, participants study the interplay between business and society in a globalised world and explore how companies can meet stakeholder expectations while achieving a balance among social, environmental, and economic goals.

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Today’s rapidly changing societies and economies demand the most from organisations, leaders, managers and professionals. MSM’s Short Executive Programmes for emerging markets are developed to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation of both individuals and organisations to support local economic development and business management.

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