MSM hosts TEFAF network meeting 2019 of International Institutes in the Maastricht region


On 18 March 2019 MSM hosted the TEFAF network meeting of International Institutes in the Maastricht region with the theme New Developments. TEFAF is one of the world’s most prestigious art fairs taking place every year in Maastricht and in New York. MSM CEO Meinhard Gans, and Special Advisor to the CEO Amy Wang joined the network meeting on behalf of MSM.

During the meeting, the attendees were welcomed by Jean Bruijnzeels, Account Manager International Institutes at the Municipality of Maastricht. The Vice-Mayor of the Municipality, Vivianne Heijnen, addressed the importance of the international institutes and international communities in Maastricht.

Managing Director at Studio Europe, Gonny Willems, gave a presentation about the project Maastricht: Working on Europe. The project focuses on the Limburg capital, Maastricht, as the place where the debate about Europe takes place, and where we work together for a better functioning Europe.

During the meeting, the attendees also received more information about the Confucius Institute Maastricht by its Director Wang Xinxin. The mission of the Confucius Institute Maastricht is to enhance the knowledge of the Chinese language and (business) culture in the Maastricht region and to strengthen the cultural and business exchange between China and the EU-region.

After the network meeting the attendees visited TEFAF.

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