MSM Corporate Week: opening horizons


From 17 June – 21 June MSM organized its annual Corporate Week which brought together MSM’s MBA and MM students, MSM alumni and MSM’s Corporate Partners to learn, connect and engage. A benefit for all parties!

The MSM Corporate week, which was organized for the first time in 2017, aims to provide it’s Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Management (MM) students and alumni with information related to career development, working in the Netherlands and strengthening career management skills. For MSM’s Corporate partners the MSM Corporate Week is an excellent opportunity to connect with students and find potential talent.

Workshops, presentations and speed date sessions
The MSM Corporate week  kicked off on Monday 17 June. During the week MSM students could attend several company presentations and speed date sessions by Brightlands Maastricht Health CampusAccenture, CIED, Aixtron, DSM, Weir Minerals, Arcelor Mittal, KPMG, Catella Investment Benelux and Adecco. Furthermore they were treated with several workshops and personal development information sessions organized by Vincent Heinink (LinkedIn workshop), Verena Julia Thelen from RWTH Aachen, (How to find a job in Germany), Els van der Borgt from Academic Transfer (Working in Science in the Netherlands), Marcel Dautzenberg and Marcel van Kasteren from Maastricht Expat Center (Orientation year), Jeroen Tessels from Troeba Theater & Training (Advanced improvisations skills) and Sonja Vlaar from Attune (Understanding levels of communication).

Panel Discussion on Women in Leadership
MSM’s MBA students took the initiative to organize a panel discussion on the topic “Women In leadership”. They invited five inspiring women Saskia Van Der Laak, Michaela Popescu, Golnar Mothari Pour, Eveline Nelissen and Hermina Kooyman who are fulfilling a senior business position. During the conversation they answered questions about the biggest challenges they have faced during their career and their opinion about self-empowerment, and how to balance work-life. The panel discussion was very much appreciated by all students.

MSM MBA student Yasmin L Hajji speaks full of praise about the MSM Corporate Week:

"The corporate week was a great opportunity for me to get in contact with the European market. I was able to have face to face conversations with many companies and I was able to share with them my experience and background. I got valuable feedback from them as well. Thanks to the corporate week, I have my first interview with a European company. I hope I will get the job : )".

Anna Bure, Global Recruitment Marketing Specialist DSM, stated:
hese kind of events like the MSM Corporate Week a great opportunity for students to learn more about the labor market situation in the Netherlands and get a first-hand experience with the companies. For us the MSM Corporate Week provided a great chance to talk to the students and understand their interests and needs in order to easily see potential colleagues. Also, it grants a good platform to share information about our company”.

Katrien Cleven, Consultant and HR advisor Adecco commented:
“We really enjoyed being present at the MSM Corporate Week. The students practiced their elevator pitches and we showed them the power and skills they need when applying for a job. A very valuable day!”.

Rachel Deurenberg, Campus Recruiter Accenture:
"It was great to introduce Accenture to MSM's MBA and MM students. They were all so enthUsiastic and showed a lot of interest in our activities. Thanks for inviting us!"

Tips & Tricks from MSM alumni
On Friday 21 June the official part of the MSM corporate week ended with presentations by MSM MBA alumni Bruna Moura Bruno and Sumiran Singh, MM alumna Abigail Daley and an interview with MM alumnus Juan Carlos Ramonet. They shared their job search experiences and gave some tips and tricks to current students on what worked well for them and the challenges they have faced.

Finally the MSM Corporate week closed off with a networking picnic for all students, corporate partners, alumni and MSM’s faculty and staff.

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