Susatainable Business Development: MSM at Limburg Leads


On 15 and 16 May 2019, MSM was present at the Limburg Leads event in Maastricht with some challenging presentations by Mirjana Stanisic, Wynand Bodewes and Ger Jonkergouw in the area of Sustainable Business Development.

The Limburg Leads event brought together entrepreneurs, international corporates, professional experts and like-minded peers to share and connect their experiences on themes such as circularity & sustainability, digitalization, health and talent. For MSM the Limburg Leads event was a good opportunity to strengthen MSMs’ reputation as a knowledge partner for companies in the region by sharing some interest presentations and masterclasses on Sustainable Business Development which is in MSM’s core DNA since its inception:

  • Mirjana Stanišić, Academic coordinator of MSM’s International Business & Sustainable Development Specialization, was invited by LWV (Limburgse Wergevers Vereniging) to give a presentation on the topic “Eco innovation as a driver for a circular economy”.
  • Wynand Bodewes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at MSM, gave a masterclass on “Corporate Entrepreneurship”
  • Ger Jonkergouw, lecturer on Ecosystem Development at MSM, gave a masterclass on the topic “How do you develop an ecosystem required for major social transformations”? like the hydrogen transition”

Triple Helix approach
Already for many years MSM is working on developing close linkages between government, education institutes, universities and business in various international capacity building projects with the aim for local private sector development.  With this Triple Helix knowledge and their familiarity with emerging markets, MSM can play an important role in in bridging the gap between the Limburg business region (developed markets) and new emerging markets. The Limburg Leads event inspired us on how we can create social, economic and business impact for Limburg with co-collaboration. Sandra Adriaansens, Senior Business Development Manager at MSM, added: Limburg leads provided us a good platform to learn about innovative activities in Limburg, for example on the Brightlands campuses. This enables us to investigate how MSM’s experience can be of added value in linking Limburg activities to potential business partners in emerging countries”.

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