Meet MSM's staff members: introducing Michela Parrillo


At MSM, we are proud of the more than 47 staff members who are committed and eager to fulfill our mission in offering management and entrepreneurship education, advice and research to individuals and organizations from all over the world. To become more acquainted with our staff members and to show you how it feels for them working at MSM we will each month highlight one of our staff members. This month the spotlight will be on Michela Parrillo

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Michela Parrillo (Italian) and I work as an officer Doctoral Studies at MSM.I hold a Masters’ degree in Humanistic studies and a Master’s degree in Economic Development and Public Policy from the University of Rome “TOR VERGATA”.

I have always been active in education and training in both the public and private sector. Before joining MSM in 2019, I have been working in the International training Center of the International Labour organization in Turin. Before that, I have worked as student tutor for the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. In 2014, I completed a five months internship at the Economic Commission of Latin America in Santiago (Chile).

Thanks to MSM, I can work with people coming from different countries and cultures…
Each day I am in contact with students coming from all over the world, to help them manage their MSM doctoral studies. I also support the organization of MSM’s Research Methods & Skills (RSM) program for some of our counterparts’ universities in Iran, China and South America. For these programs, I support lecturers and students concerning the e-learning platform, the distribution of didactic material as well as the assignments and schedule of the classes.

It gives me a good feeling being part of their educational journey at MSM…
In our department, we guide the participants from the enrolment stage until their defense stage. This makes that you get a closer relationship with each of them. It gives me a good feeling being part of their educational journey at MSM. Thanks to MSM, I can work with people coming from different countries and cultures. By this, my passion for the education sector is fulfilled.

In my spare time you can often find me…
I love to travel! Although Asia and South America are my favourite destinations, I am curious to discover new continents. Furthermore, I love reading, especially novels and travelling books. Each time I visit a country, I try to read at least one book of a local author to get a better understanding of the place I am visiting. Another big passion I have is music. I love concerts and festivals. Every weekend, my partner and I, try to go to places where there is live music.

For me family is the most important thing in live…
However…what I like the most is spending time with my family and friends. Even though they live in Italy, I try to visit and spend time with them as much as possible. For me family is the most important thing in live. Starting with my parents who have always supported me and helped me to grow up with curiosity. But also my sister…who is not only my sister, but my best friend as well! Just recently, my partner and I, became parents, and it is the best journey of our live. Another good reason to visit Italy more often :)

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