Mastering Digital Transformation in businesses


“Through the well-structured Digital Transformation of Business module including many practical assignments and group work, I now have the knowledge to make a digital transformation roadmap for any business.”

This is what current Master in Management student Nasim Sarhadi said after successfully completing the module. “The Digital Transformation module made me realize that the issue of digital transformation is particularly intriguing since it is a collection of topics rolled into one. It is about strategy, leadership and new ways of thinking and working.”

Saghar Hosseini, current Master in Management student as well, also found it crucial to learn about the new perspectives in the digital era we currently live in and to learn how to use these tools to our advantage. “In this module, we had case studies of firms who failed or succeeded in implementing digital transformation. we not only learned about the pillars of transformation, but also applied those fundamentals to existing businesses to have a better understanding of what they applied in order to succeed. It also became clear to me that digital transformation is not only about technology. It is about how you use the resources available to stay ahead of your competitors and come up with new ways to run a business.”

Nasim valued the guest lectures by Mrs. Anna Vree, Manager Digital Health at KPMG, and Mr. Tobias Pasthumus, Senior Consultant Digital Strategy at KPMG. “I am always in favor of guest lectures as they add value to any module by providing us with insights from experience experts. In addition, we went on a work visit to the Digital Capability Center in Aachen. The work visit gave us more practical insights into what we have studied in class.”

For Saghar the company visit was a great experience to see first-hand what technological advances can bring for manufacturers and the limitless possibilities to solve problems in innovative ways. “Learning about the module and seeing what companies do in action is what puts theory and practice together and that is where we can actually apply what we learned in the classroom.

About the Digital Transformation for Business module
Digitalization has become an essential element of the society’s basic structure. Today, digital technologies are transforming every aspect of business models. Digital transformation redefines not only how organizations use technology, but also how people and processes must adapt to the new realities driving radical change of the business models in every industry.

Going-digital requires decision makers to change their visions, strategies and obviously the ways business is being operated, to break down barriers, improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and dramatically enrich customer engagement by delivering a personalized customer experience. Digital technologies are transforming not just one aspect of business but every aspect.

This module introduced the students to the multidisciplinary process of transformation in business, organizational activities, processes, competencies and business models that empower the right people with the right skills to lead the change of mindset. This to enhance decision-making, communications, the holistic view of the business strategy and to build an effective digital transformation roadmap.

At the end of the module the students gained a good knowledge of the fundamental components of digital transformation, the five domains - customer, competition, data, innovation, and value. The students are now able to master disruption and adapt and grow any business in the digital age, not only by envisioning the digital strategy and building organizational and digital capabilities, but also by understanding what separates businesses that manage to adapt and thrive in an uncertain world from those that fail.

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