Data-driven decision-making: a key skill for managers


“I was really looking forward to the Data Analytics module as in the changing era of technological advancements, data-driven decision-making is proving to be a key skill for managers.”

Anuja Zinjarde, current Master in Management student, had an amazing learning experience. “The module gave us a new scope to look at complex data and come up with conclusions and recommendations based on different models of analysis. I still remember when I first saw the data file comprising more than 50k data points and I was so confused as to how can someone work with something like this? Now, I do not have the same feeling anymore.”

Anuja also highlighted the teaching of Dr. Vincent Feltkamp, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems. “The lecturer showed the utmost amount of dedication to get us comfortable with complex data analytics problems and answered all our queries with patience. We have a diverse class with people coming from different educational backgrounds. However, to my surprise, even for those who had no experience in data analytics, it was possible to follow the module without any difficulties. The module was carefully structured by keeping into consideration the fact that some students had no prior experience in data handling. In addition, the group assignments and individual assignments ensured the implementation of course learnings.”

“The skills acquired during the Data Analytics module will definitely help me to make data-driven decisions in my future role as a manager,” says Anuja. “All credits to the lecturer for the valuable learnings about data sorting, data structure, modeling, and visualizations. I am looking forward to implementing the skills acquired in this module in complex real-life problems. The module will also help me with the analysis of data collected for my academic thesis which is part of the Master in Management.”

“Thank you MSM team for creating an environment where we challenge ourselves to learn new things without any hesitation and helping us to become the best version of ourselves!”

About the Data Analytics module
This course aims to help participants expand their knowledge of applied data analytics and how to collect and analyse data. The need for such education is based on the belief that good decisions need to be backed by good analysis – Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM). By bringing together the most widely used approaches for data collection and analysis opportunities, the course enabled the participants to compare methodologies and to select the best-suited to address the issues at hand.

The course was learner-centred and practical. It combined conceptual presentations by experts with hands-on and step-by-step demonstrations and implementations of methodologies in a computer-lab based on realistic scenarios and exercises. Through participatory learning and group works, participants implemented each method;, interpreted results, and formulated and discussed recommendations for informed decision-making.

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