Celebrating MBA graduates in Kuwait


On 19 March 2023, it was time to celebrate the achievements of the MBA graduates at MSM’s partner in Kuwait. After a period of hard work, perseverance and sacrifices, 55 graduates received their long expected MBA degree.

The graduates received their degree in presence of the Dutch Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Lawrens Westhoff, the Chairman of MSM’s partner HRD Global, Mr. Khaleel Al-Abdullah, Vice-chairman and CEO, Mrs. Yasmeen Al-Musallam, and Dr. Terry Kakeeto, Assistant Professor in Marketing at Maastricht School of Management.

Dr. Kakeeto addressed the graduates in recognition of their achievements and to congratulate them with successfully finalising the MBA programme: “It has been a process of learning in all kind of ways, in class and outside the classroom, developing your competencies, your skills, changing your mind-set and possibly re-inventing yourself, as an individual and as a business leader. We trust that these are the qualifications that will guide your personal life and that will also be instrumental to the success of your organisation and allow you to contribute to the Kuwaiti society.”

In her address, Dr. Kakeeto referred to the fact that since the start of their study, the world has changed significantly and she highlighted the need for effective leadership: “This period is one of those moments in time that mark a change in the global world order, a difference that will show up in the history books. The certainties that we have in life, how things work, how things are organised, what effective leadership and effective management is, have all changed over the past years. You will need adequate leadership competencies, combined with managerial values and judgements, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. I hope that the joint MBA programme of HRD Global and MSM has assisted you to unlock the leadership potential that all of you have.”

H.E. Lawrens Westhoff acknowledged the need for innovative management in Kuwait: “All graduates have learned to manage creativity and think outside the box, which is what helps Kuwait overcome its challenges. We have to change, face challenges, and continue the skills of creativity and innovation, which is what is happening tonight. This is not an individual event, but rather an inspiration for the talents in Kuwait. I am very proud that Maastricht School of Management played a role towards the educational future of students in Kuwait, and I am very happy with that cooperation, wishing for a bright future spot for Kuwait and its graduates.”

After the speeches, it was time for the graduates to receive their well-deserved degree.

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