Get to know Joris Kersten: lead trainer in MSM’s accounting & finance programs


At MSM we work together with well experienced and passionate trainers from all around to world – with a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and roles - to offer our students the best learning experience. One of these trainers is Joris Kersten, founder and owner of Kersten Corporate Finance and lead trainer in Accounting & Finance of various MSM programs.

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Joris Kersten, I am 39 years old and live in Uden (NL) with my girlfriend Debby and two young daughters Floor of 2 years old and Sophie of 4 months old. I am the owner of “Kersten Corporate Finance” in The Netherlands, under which I work as an independent consultant in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A’s) of medium sized companies.

Besides this, I provide a lot of training in Finance & Accounting, in topics like: Financial Modelling, Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation. I do this in the position as “Lecturer Corporate Finance & Accounting” for leading education institutes like MSM, Nyenrode University Breukelen NL), TIAS Business School Utrecht (NL), the Luxembourg School of Business and SP Jain School of Global Management in Sydney (Australia). Moreover, I provide lecturing at MSM’s partner universities in: Surinam, Mongolia, Iran and Kuwait and at partner Universities of SP Jain School of Global Management in Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore.

Currently I am following the “Executive Master of Business Valuation” to obtain my title as “Registered Valuator” (RV) given out by the Netherlands Institute for Registered Valuators (NIRV). This title will enable me to give out business valuation judgements in for example court cases.
To read my full professional profile please click here.

Working in an International environment such as MSM is really fantastic!
MBA students often find accounting & finance intimidating. So it is great that I can teach them these skills and insights. For (future) leaders it is important to gain the elementary skills in both accounting & finance, because they are often involved in international business and/or policy making. Actually, Accounting & Finance is the universal language of business. Teaching in an international environment such as MSM is really fantastic! I have trained MSM MBA students in Peru (Lima), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Paramaribo (Surinam), Tehran (Iran) and there are a lot more locations to come. I’m already looking forward to it!

Besides teaching in MSM’s MBA programs I also offer an MSM executive course on Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers. This 3-day course is designed for managers who want to be better equipped with a solid financial basis to help them make better business decisions and manage more effectively. 

I am privileged to meet and learn from so many different people and their cultures, which enriches me as a person
I have backpacked 1 year through Australia when I was 18 and ever since I am hooked to travelling. MSM enables me to travel around the world and I’m convinced that travelling makes me a better lecturer and trainer. I am privileged to meet and learn from so many different people and their cultures, which enriches me as a person. :)

The MSM MBA students come from all over the world which gives a magical dynamic…
The atmosphere at MSM in Maastricht itself is very international. The MSM MBA students come from all over the world, which gives a magical dynamic. Simply love that vibe!
From 6 – 20 July 6 July I will be teaching in MSM’s Accounting & Finance summer school specialization in Maastricht. This two-week summer school brings together MSM students from all over the world to enjoy an interactive and international classroom experience. As a lecturer I also learn a lot because the students bring stories and experiences from business and institutions from all over the world into the class room.

In my spare time you can often find me…
Spending time with my girlfriend and two daughters, socializing with family and friends and do some sports to stay fit. Furthermore, I love to read books, mainly about finance & accounting, investing, sustainability and personal growth. One book I can really recommend is “A random walk down wall street”. This book gives you an idea on how finance and the financial markets work. This book is very readable after you have taken my two MBA courses in both finance and accounting ;)

The persons who I admire in life are…
Those who really want to change the world for the better like Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX) and Boran Slat (CEO of the Ocean Cleanup). 

One last thing I would like to say to MBA students in general…
When you have graduated, you should consider “entrepreneurship” as one of your next career steps. Most of the MBA students are chasing jobs at Champions League companies and institutions, but as an entrepreneur you can be very authentic, and although not easy, worthwhile to consider. I have started as an entrepreneur about 4 years ago (independent consultant/ trainer) and although it was not easy…it made me very happy..

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