Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

  • Diploma
    Certificate (diploma optional)
  • Mode
  • Course date
    02, 23 Nov & 03 Dec 2018 / 1, 15, 26 March 2019 / 7, 21 June & 4 July 2019 / 1, 15 Nov & 2 Dec 2019
  • Duration
    3 days

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers is a short training program designed to provide a practical and accessible introduction to managing on the basis of financial information.

Financial and accounting information is vital to managing any organization and project.  Financial numbers reflect expenses and revenues and they can be used to judge the economic condition of a project, an organizational unit, or an entire organization. Projects are started to achieve planned outcomes and are expected to do so with a preconceived budget.

When you are to manage, it means that you (and your management team) will take decisions that translate into expenses and revenues. Your ability to understand and speak intelligently about the financial implications of managerial decisions is vital to your professional success.The MSM Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers program provides the tools to do just that, while also helping you to make better business decisions and manage more effectively. This coherent and well-balanced program is taught by passionate educators with real-world business experience.