Interactive sustainability course for the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow


In the first days of September MSM welcomed a group of 34 MBA students from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. The European Management Residency program that MSM provided to this group focused on sustainability as a key priority in contemporary business management.

Three of MSM’s experts exposed the students to diverse perspectives that represent the current thinking on the why and how of sustainability as key topic on the management agenda. Inherent to the multifaceted nature of sustainability (think of legal, ethical, moral, operational, and commercial aspects) they learned how sustainability can be enacted as a corporate quest to build and sustain one’s competitive edge. More specifically, lectures were accompanied with animated class discussions on the sustainability challenges of the fast-fashion industry and the role of green tech in addressing global climate change as well as a debating game over India’s 2013 Companies Act that obliges certain companies to give two percent of their profits to charity. A business case of and sustainability was also part of the class discussions.

An important component of the program were the field visits to frontrunner companies to see first-hand how the ideas of sustainability are put into practice in The Netherlands. Together with MSM staff members the Lucknow students visited local companies that regard sustainability as more than a moral obligation: they use it as an opportunity to shape their corporate identities around efforts to co-create environmental, social and economic value with their suppliers and regional stakeholders. The class sessions and company visits were very lively, with the Lucknow students keen to learn as much as possible during their (too) short stay in Maastricht. They did get to see a little of the city during a walking tour through the historic inner-city.

Through its European Management Residency programs, Maastricht School of Management provides a flexible option to embed an international immersion in MBA curricula and in corporate talent development programs. Residency programs are short and focused. They provide an exhilarating option to deepen knowledge, sharpen skills and broaden one’s horizon. In our residency programs we can leverage our exposure to global management practices to provide learning outcomes that last. Our European Management Residency programs are always bespoke programs. We create customized learning journeys that fit the needs of the client. European Management Residency programs also provide an excellent opportunity for MSM alumni and other management professionals to leverage the expertise at MSM as a module in the corporate talent development programs of their employers.

We look forward to welcome a new Lucknow group soon as it was mutually seen as a short yet successful immersion.

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