Full-time MBA Entrepreneurship module: “a motivation step to live more boldly and take more calculated risks”


“The Entrepreneurship module helped me to gain a significantly better understanding of the intricate and exciting world of entrepreneurs. It has made me realize that I have become trapped in tradition: a 9-5 job, earn a salary, save for my pension… The world of entrepreneurship offers so much more exhilaration! Entrepreneurship offers us the possibility of a world filled with following your passion, controlling your lifestyle, and becoming more financially independent”.

For current full-time MBA student, Clinton van der Schyff, the module served as a motivation step to live more boldly and to take more calculated risks. “Prof. Dingli made the module really interesting and interactive. He is a very confident teacher and motivated me to think outside the box and to be more creative. His teaching method encouraged us to engage in discussions and stimulated our creative and entrepreneurial thinking.”

The main objective of the full-time MBA Entrepreneurship module included the development of an overall understanding of entrepreneurship and new venture processes. The students also investigated the phases and issues in a new business venture process including Lean Start-ups as well as the traditional Business Planning approach. Clinton also highlighted the fact that the Entrepreneurship module taught him to holistically apply the management skills of traditional business disciplines to the recognition and shaping of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Back on campus
Given the current Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands, we were extremely happy to welcome the students on the MSM campus for one day per week in this module. “It was honestly a great experience to see my fellow students in person again and share a classroom. The comradery and energy amongst the students is inspiring. In some way, it rejuvenates many students to continue to work hard and push through a challenging and demanding MBA course.

Interested to join the full-time MBA? The next intake will start in September 2021. Click here for more information.

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