Full-time MBA students study micro and macro economics


“Thanks to the Economics for Managers module I have a better understanding of how economic policies work, and I am eager to dive deeper into Mexico’s main strategies for economic growth. I also have a better understanding of the different aspects that impact a country’s economy, the role that industries and governments play, and how to tackle certain issues that create a negative impact on the economy.”

Juan Pablo Ramos, current full-time MBA student, summarized the module as an interesting module in which he learned a lot. “As an engineer, I did not know much about economics, and I was kind of afraid because I thought this was going to be a very difficult class. Fortunately, the combination of theory plus real-life examples used by Prof. Aad van Mourik made the topics a lot easier to understand. His detailed and accurate explanation of each concept stimulated a smooth learning environment. The passion for economics demonstrated by Prof. van Mourik is contagious and generated a desire in me to learn more about this important and interesting subject.

Before starting the module, Prof. van Mourik uploaded a series of videos to watch, with the intention of having basic knowledge about the topics we were going to discuss during each lesson. These preparation videos helped me (and my classmates) to comprehend key concepts and their usage faster, allowing a better flow of the class.”

The Economics for Managers module introduced the full-time MBA students to economics and the study of the functioning of markets, both on micro and macro level. On the microeconomic level, the students learned more about the behaviour of consumers, producers or firms, and the process of price formation and output determination in various market structures. On the microeconomic level, the students also learned about how costs influence a firm’s profitability. On the macroeconomic level, Prof. van Mourik introduced the students to the causes and consequences of economic fluctuations and economic growth. In addition, the students expanded their knowledge on how the government might influence the economy in such a way to stimulate economic growth and to stabilize inflation and unemployment at acceptable levels.

Juan also highlighted the interaction with his lecturer and fellow students. “Prof. van Mourik is a very kind teacher and always focused on solving our doubts. He frequently asked for questions and stimulated our contribution. I felt that my classmates were also very interested in this module. All of them were enthusiastic when having discussions. I think the lecturer succeeded very well in introducing everybody into the economics world.”

A tip for future students
Juan has one important tip for future students. “Be prepared! Attending a class with an idea of what you are going to learn stimulates a better and easier understanding of the concepts.”

We missed you!
Given the current Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands, we were extremely happy to welcome the students on the MSM campus for one day per week in this module. Juan even felt a little bit emotional. “I was extremely happy to have a lesson inside the classroom together with my classmates. Face-to-face discussions were a lot more interesting and easier to have and I felt everybody was more enthusiastic about discussing the topics.”

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