Custom made internship program for the Constitutional Court of Indonesia


From 28 October -15 November 2019 a group of six high potential employees from The Constitutional Court of Indonesia (MKRI) visited MSM for a custom made program. The aim of this program is to strengthening leadership and management skills and competences of the MKRI middle management, which is in line with MKRI’s strategic decision to develop the court into a modern and reliable judiciary with high operational performance.

The internship program consisted out of three modules. The program kicked off with the module on Leadership & Soft skills conducted by Miriam Frijns, Trainer and Consultant in Organizational and Individual Leadership. Through this course, the participants explored the different leadership roles, their own approach to leading and how to become more effective for future challenges.

In the second week Leo Kerklaan, Lecturer & Consultant Strategic Performance Management, shared his knowledge on strategic planning and performance management, and on the development & monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI).

The last module was on Organization & Change conducted by Rita van Deuren, Senior Project Consultant in the International Projects and Consultancies Department at MSM. Rita taught the participants the purpose of organizational diagnosing and criteria for organizational performance and they learned how to identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

Work visits to link theory with practice
To provide a better understanding on how theory can be put into practice, four work visits were organized:

  • To the Regional Court of Limburg in Maastricht, were The President of the court shared an interesting presentation about the functions of the court and about the recent developments in the law according to changes in society. In addition, information was shared about the Leadership Academy for the Judiciary in Utrecht.
  • To the Government of Limburg, were the participants gained insight into the staff training program and into the selection procedure & training program of new employees. This last part is especially important to fill in the gap of the 150 people who will retire soon.
  • A presentation by an expert of the Maastricht University about the Judicial System in The Netherlands
  • A visit to the European Court of Auditors (ECA) in Luxembourg, were a presentation was shared about the work, mission and activities of the ECA. In addition, they organized a special presentation about ‘Enhancing leadership through learning’ which fitted perfectly with the set up of the program.

Fully equipped with new knowledge the delegation returned to their home country. The program and work visits were very well evaluated:

"This program has been very valuable to me. I have gained new knowledge about management systems and about the most important elements of personal development"

"This is the best training I have ever attended"

"Higher than my expectations, excellent! This is the best training that I have ever had. The portion between theory and practice is in balance and brought in such a way that it was easy to understand"

"Really interesting to learn more about yourself and how to manage & lead projects"

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