Climate-smart technology supports food security and a sustainable environment


Clilmate Smart Technology, it is an answer to the effects of climate change which make agricultural development in Africa more challenging than ever before. Climate-smart production depends on technology transformation and a modern skilled workforce.

The proposed CoVE SA project is implemented in South Africa (SA). It is a joint initiative of 3 SA TVET schools, 2 EU and 1 SA academic partners, and 1 SA private partner. It gets full support from key public and private stakeholders. The project will educate TVET students to become the responsive, digitally skilled, and sustainable-oriented sector professionals that South Africa’s future greatly needs. 

The aim of the project is to integrate Vocational Excellence in the climate-smart horti/agriculture sector, thereby ensuring high quality skills and competences that lead to quality jobs and careers, meeting the needs of an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable rural economy. 

The objectives and the activities of the project are the following:

  1. Expand the holistic approach of the EU-CoVE model to Vocational Excellence in SA’s horti/agriculture sector, by securing a central role of TVET in regional innovation ecosystems (CoVE hubs), and further developing strong and lasting relationships between TVET, research, and industry.
  2. To expand the EU CoVE concept geographically in a sustainable way (environmentally and economically) in line with the EU Green Deal context, by setting up and interlinking CoVE networks in SA and the region (Zambia and/or Ghana). 
  3. Drive innovation in horti/agriculture related TVETs in SA and the regional, by developing modern, digital, learning materials. 
  4. Ensure that current and future sector professionals have the required key skills & competences, by developing innovative and blended learning programs. 
  5. Increasing student’s, teacher’s, and professional’s competence to become active outside their regions by organising blended and face-to-face international mobilities as common practise in climate-smart horti/agriculture related TVET education and collaboration.
  6. Building African recognition for the EU-CoVE concept as a worldwide point of reference for TVET in the climate-smart horti/agriculture sector.
  7. Future proof the workforce for the sector and avoid a brain- & skills drain from Africa, by securing current and growing numbers of students in climate- and water-smart related studies. 

The proposed CoVE SA project builds on experience and lessons in the EU, from the Pilot PoVE Water project (5 EU countries) and its follow-up project PoVE Water Scale-up (5 EU countries + South Africa). The project is anchored in the EU Policy on TVET Excellence, and in the Erasmus+ Objectives and Priorities.​

MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies

This project is part of MSM's Expert Centre for Emerging Economies. The department is an expert centre on local economic development in emerging and developing markets.​ We capacitate managers and professionals from government, private sector, NGOs, and post-secondary education in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. We offer consultancy and customized training programs, and we manage complex projects in key sectors, e.g. water, agriculture and health. For more information click here.

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