Climate Fresk workshop: understanding climate change and empowering action


Recently, 150 Master in Management and full-time MBA students together with students of the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI) teamed up in the Climate Fresk workshop. The workshop teaches the participants the fundamental science behind climate change and empowers action.

Through a shared understanding of the mechanisms at work, Climate Fresk enables both individuals and organisations to have an open and positive conversation about climate solutions. As participants link the cause and effects of climate change, they are able to take a step back and understand the systemic nature of the challenges for the first time. Current full-time MBA student, Kavita Ndolo, described the Climate Fresk as an insightful learning experience. “I liked how interactive it was and how it exposed me to concepts I was not aware of. It was also a safe environment to share ideas with classmates and other participants.” Current Master in Management student Ranu Sen also really enjoyed the workshop. “It was such a great way to learn about this serious issue. The group activity, discussions with other students, finding out how the process of climate change actually works and sharing different ideas and experiences were all highlights of the workshop for me. Due to this, I am a bit concerned about how conditions are worsening and I would be really happy to do much more activities in future.”

Kavita also highlighted the fact their group came up with so many ideas that they would have probably not considered if doing it alone. “In the last part of the exercise we wrote down what we can do as individuals as well as what we can do together, as part of our institutions. Workshops like this prove that when you challenge each other you find ways to improve your lifestyle and make an impact.” The workshop made Ranu Sen more aware of her own activities and actions concerning climate change. “Education and awareness about your daily activities which are affecting climate change are really important. The workshop enforced me to stay updated about climate news and to make conscious choices about saving water, electricity, buying fresh vegetables and fruits from local markets, segregate waste properly, carry your own water bottle and Conscious buying. In addition, I will educate my family and friends and make them aware of the actions they can take to battle climate change. We need to be optimistic about the positive change one person can make.” 
During the Climate Fresk workshop Kavita also learned how he can implement sustainability practices at the workplace. “The workshop encouraged me to stay on that path since it is my specialisation for the MBA as well. Personally, I also want to learn more because the better you understand the science the easier it is to see the patterns and raise awareness with friends and colleagues.”

About Climate Fresk
Climate Fresk is the most powerful tool for providing a quality climate education that is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. The facts in Climate Fresk come from the most respected scientific sources: the IPCC reports. These are the same reports that inform political and economic decision-making at the highest level around the world.

By activating the group’s collective intelligence, Climate Fresk enables participants to take ownership of the subject matter. The methodology doesn’t use a hierarchical learning structure, allowing everyone to take part and find their place in the exercise.

Participants leave the workshop having formed a strong bond with each other, and well equipped to implement the climate actions that they’ve identified.

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