Developing leaders in Romania: celebrating 10 years of partnership with MSM Romania


It has been 10 years since MSM embarked on a joint journey with MSM Romania to develop leaders in Romania. Since then, the joint Executive MBA has been running successfully with its 11th intake just having started mid January.

“It is amazing to believe that 10 years have passed since our first group of MBA students in Romania. As they say, time flies when you are doing something with passion.” Dora Surugiu–Kocsolade, Founding Partner of MSM Romania, says.
”We are very glad that we have had the opportunity to make a difference and create some new standards of high quality education in Romania. In these past 10 years we have impacted the life of almost 250 students. They have become better leaders, better people and have brought an active contribution to society,” she continues. “We look forward to creating even more impact in the future!”

MSM Director of Education and Executive Development, Dave Cass agrees with Dora: “This has been a really enjoyable and productive 10-year partnership with MSM Romania. I am delighted that together we have been able to give people a real opportunity to change their lives and make a difference." 
Dave also looks back at the Graduation Days in Maastricht with the MSM Romania graduates always being part of this festive day: “One of the highlights of our Graduation Day is the inclusion of Team Romania within the official event but also leading in the fun and mixing so well with everyone in the after party. I really look forward to the future and us developing together in what is a really successful and valuable partnership.” he concludes.

In addition to the joint Executive MBA, MSM and MSM Romania are also offering a joint Master in Management program.

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