Workshop Big Data Innovation Procurement


On Thursday 21 February 2019 the Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement organizes a workshop on Big Data Innovation Procurement - how to capitalize on shared opportunities for public and private benefits.

Date: Thursday, 21 Februay 2019
Time: 16:00 hrs. - 21.30 hrs. (including network dinner)
Place: Functional Hall, Maastricht School of Management, Endepolsdomein 150, Maastricht (NL)


This workshop is organized by the Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement. Please click here for the bio of the speakers: Mr. Stephan Corvers, Dr. Anne Rainville, Dr. Ramona Apostol and Prof. Nicola Dimitri.

Abstract: Reaping the benefits of the Big Data solutions

Data can be considered the 21st century’s most important raw material, an essential resource for achieving economic growth, job creation and other societal benefits. Whether incentivized by policy and legislation, or by own challenges and needs, public authorities throughout Europe are exploring possibilities to improve public services and decision-making (e.g. related to epidemics response, urban planning, road safety, environmental protection etc.) by analyzing and learning from big data available to them. Before launching a big data innovation procurement, public authorities face challenges of clearly understanding their needs, the availability and relevance of data, the capabilities of market parties and the boundaries of the policy and legal framework. For suppliers, challenges are understanding policy objectives and capturing the real needs of public authorities to offer the most valuable big data solutions.

What to expect

The workshop navigates you through the knowledge, methodology and best practice that you can replicate in your practice.

  • Why should a public authority engage in big data innovation procurement?
  • What is the economic value of big data solutions for public and the private actors, and how can we measure it?
  • What are the relevant policy framework and legal rules governing data?
  • What are the advantages for private parties to propose big data innovations through public procurement?
  • Which proven methodologies support the effective deployment of big data innovation procurement.

How will you benefit from this workshop

Participants from the public and private sectors alike will gain a clear understanding of the social and economic value of big data from each other’s perspectives:

Private sector participants will particularly benefit from better understanding their public clients’ needs, enabling them to convey the value of their solutions more clearly.
Public sector participants, on the other side, will learn how to navigate the policy and legal framework and how to apply the methodology for the procurement of big data innovation.

By structuring the course around 2 real-life cases of big data innovation procurement and several other practical examples, you will be able to gain knowledge and insight that is readily applicable to your daily activities. Moreover, the course includes an interactive session where you will be able to test your ideas for potential applications of big data innovations with experts and colleagues.


15.30 hrs. Reception
16.00 hrs Introduction Mr. Stephan Corvers
16.20 hrs. Context and Framework
Which EU policies and legislation govern big data innovation procurement?

- Incentives and triggers for big data innovation procurement
- Deployment challenges and the role of market engagement
- Applicable EU policy and legislation framework framework
- Examples of big data innovation procurement
Dr. Ramona Apostol
17.15 hrs.
How to procure?
Which proven methodologies support the effective deployment
of big data innovation procurement?
Dr. Anne Rainville
18.00 hrs. BREAK
18.15 hrs.
Case Agoria
Gain knowledge and insight directly applicable to your daily practice
from a real-life case / real life cases
18.45 hrs. Value & KPI's
What is the economic value of big data solutions for the
public and the private actors, and how can we meaure it?
Prof. Nicola Dimitri 
19.15 hrs. Integration & Interaction
- Integration exercise
- Panel discussion

Registration & Payment

Th registration fee for participating in this workshop is €500,- including network dinner.

Please click here to register. The registration fee must be transferred to MSM's bank account by Thursday 7 February 2019 (before 5:00pm), indicating your full name and name of the event: Workshop Big Data Innovation Procurement.

Payment details
Maastricht School of Management
IBAN code: NL44 RABO 0151355347

Please note that during the workshop pictures will be taken. By joining this workshop you might be included in pictures.