Webinar - What return on investment can you expect from the different MBA formats?


The return on investment of the MSM MBA goes beyond the potential salary increase you might get after obtaining your degree. It is also about the intangible return on investment an MBA provides you with, which will have an impact during and after your MBA journey.

At MSM you can choose from three different MBA formats, the full-time MBA, the part-time Executive MBA and the part-time Online MBA. All three formats equip you with the core MBA knowledge and skills, but each format has its unique additional benefits.

In the webinar we will look more in-depth into the specific return on investment of each format, helping you to decide which MBA program is the best match for you.

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Date:  Thursday 7 April 2022
Time:  3.00 pm CEST
Presenter:  Hermina Kooyman - Manager Enrollment and Career Services
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