Join our webinar and learn how MSM can help you and your company to create and capture more value


Wynand Bodewes, Associate Professor of MSM will introduce you to the upcoming executive 3-day program that helps mid-level managers to drive business model innovation. Wynand will give an overview of the program and show how the program can help participants to create value from business model innovation

Title: Introducing the Rethinking your business model program
Speaker: Wynand Bodewes, Maastricht School of Management
Time: Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 15.00 CET

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The webinar will help you to decide how the 3-day Rethinking your business model program will be instrumental to your ambition to create more value for your organization. You will learn how the program will equip you to engage your team and colleagues in business model innovation. Business modeling is all about envisioning and designing optional models, and subsequently choosing the model that best matches feasibility with value promise. Each of the three days will help you progress in doing business modeling yourself.

This webinar and the Rethinking your business model program is targeted at mid-level managers that are in a position to drive business model innovation. Participants may work in the private or the public sector, as any organization can gain from rethinking its business model. Participants may also be in charge of business development or product/service development projects.


  • Explain the rationale for this program
  • Introduce our perspective on creating value from business modeling
  • Discussion with Hans Heijnen, founder of SOAPBOX
  • Explain that modeling is not about copying someone else’s business model
  • Introduce what will be done on the three days of the program (and in the weeks in-between those three days.
  • Assist you in deciding if this program would address your development needs

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