A sneak peek in the life of full-time MBA alumnus Carlos Dominguez


My name is Carlos Dominguez from Colombia. I completed the MSM Full-time MBA in 2023. My journey in the business world began with a degree in sales management specialising in the vegetable oil industry. My journey through the MSM full-time MBA programme empowered me to reach a senior sales position at a company in Barcelona within the same industry. In my current role as Senior Sales Manager, I utilise my expertise to drive business growth and foster client relationships.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?
The decision to pursue an MBA was driven by my desire for a global enriching experience and the recognition of an MBA degree for fostering career growth and to unlock new opportunities in the business world. 

Why did you decide to pursue a full-time MBA at Maastricht School of Management?
I chose to pursue a full-time MBA at Maastricht School of Management due to the renowned education system in the Netherlands, its excellent reputation, and the culturally diverse environment that would enrich my learning experience.

Looking back on my time at MSM…
Looking back on my time at MSM fills me with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The challenging yet rewarding journey has equipped me with invaluable skills, knowledge, and experiences that have profoundly shaped my professional trajectory.

Some of my fondest memories at MSM revolve around the amazing group work experiences and the perfect mix of nationalities and backgrounds among my classmates and lecturers. The networking opportunities provided have been invaluable for both my personal and professional growth.

Additionally, studying at the MSM campus in the Netherlands, especially at the Tapijnkazerne campus, was an exceptional experience. The city campus provides amazing facilities, perfectly connected and centrally located, making it ideal for my studies. Maastricht itself is a lovely city, adding to the overall positive experience.

An MBA is truly a transformative journey that enhances both professional and personal growth. I am immensely grateful to MSM for providing me with this opportunity to grow and excel in the business world.

How do you feel your MBA at MSM has helped you to prepare for your career?
The MSM full-time MBA has equipped me with the skills to approach challenges, seize opportunities, and adapt to global business practices. The exposure to diverse perspectives and the rigorous curriculum has prepared me well for my career endeavors.

Are there any specific skills or lessons learned during your time as a student that you find particularly valuable in your professional or personal life?
I would say the strategic mindset, a global perspective, and the expansive network cultivated during my time at MSM continue to serve as invaluable assets. They enable me to tackle challenges with confidence and to embrace new opportunities with enthusiasm.

Are you still benefiting from the MSM MBA in your current day-to-day work and life?
For me, the expertise track in Supply Chain Management has been incredibly enlightening. The subject matter is cutting-edge and directly applicable to our daily business operations. The business cases presented in this expertise track reflect real-life challenges, particularly those concerning sustainable supply chains, which are prevalent in the industry I currently work in.

My goal for the future
My plan remains consistent. I aspire to become an expert in the vegetable oils and fats industry, and to keep growing professionally in this sector specifically in business management.

My advice to current and future MBA students…
I would advise to embrace every aspect of the MBA journey with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Learn extensively from the expertise tracks, step out of your comfort zone, and build meaningful relationships that will enrich your experience and propel your career forward.

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