In the classroom: A student’s perspective on the first Full-time MBA courses in 2024


The full-time MBA students kicked-off 2024 with three different courses: Global Supply Chain Management, Corporate Responsibility and Ethics and Marketing in a Global Context. In this blog, Moustafa Sobh from Egypt shares with you how he experienced the courses and what his key learning outcomes have been. He also adds his perspective on studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus.

Courses highlights

“These three courses were more interactive than any other courses. They were filled with guest speakers, activities, and visits to different corporations. The Global Supply Chain Management course was entirely focused on a simulation game that allowed for the practical implementation of every lesson. In this simulation, any mistake made could be seen and learned from.

The Corporate Responsibility and Ethics course included a real-life example where we visited Gulpener to observe how they manage their CSR in real life. Finally, the Marketing in a Global Context course featured two special guest lecturers who shared their real-life experiences. We worked on a real-life marketing case with a local cider manufacturer to assist them in their marketing efforts. Additionally, a visit to Vita Talalay provided insights into their work, customer selection, and a simulation game to assess our learning in taking a new pen manufacturer to enhance its customer engagement and profits."

Key learning outcomes

“Coming from an engineering background with little knowledge of the supply chain, the supply chain course provided a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s operational framework. I learned how decisions in choosing suppliers can impact the entire operation, how to utilize resources effectively, the transformative effects of sustainability on people's mindset and how technology will change all of that. The immersive experience, particularly in the simulation game, complemented the academic learning perfectly.

For the Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics course, we delved into the ethics of corporations, learned how to implement them in our organisation, and understood the role of an organisation in the community. We explored sustainable practices and identified how companies often greenwash their way out of responsibilities

In the Marketing course, we were trained to distinguish between a good advertisement and effective marketing. Real-life examples from guest speakers, working on actual company problems, and the Vita Talalay visit emphasised the importance of choosing the right market segment and understanding customers. The simulation game served as a final assessment, indicating our understanding of the course and our ability to implement what we learned.

All of these were significant learning outcomes that I believe will contribute to my career growth. The Supply Chain course, for instance, has sparked my interest in pursuing more paths in supply chain management”.

Interaction in class

“These were the most interactive classes yet, featuring debates to grasp the understanding of ethics and values as individuals held different perspectives. The Marketing class involved extensive analysis and discussion of ads and various cases, fostering an engaging learning environment. With almost half a year together team dynamics improved over time, creating a fun and collaborative atmosphere. This dynamic was also observed in the Supply Chain course, where the professor consistently took time to address our group's team dynamics and help us fix any problem we were facing in the game.”

Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus

“Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus is a unique experience, differing from the typical college campus atmosphere that I have seen. The absence of tall buildings and the relaxed vibe contribute to a refreshing environment. I usually enter the campus from the ‘dierentuin’ side where I get a glimpse of animals and birds and if I am having a break, I can get to enjoy a little walk in the park nearby.”

About the Corporate Responsibility and Ethics course
The course's main objective is to familiarise students with an ethical orientation toward the worlds of business and investment. Using theories, concrete examples, videos, cases, and the like, students learn to analyse ethical, corporate responsibility, and responsible investment issues. Students are expected to participate in discussions and other work forms actively.

About the Global Supply Chain Management course
This course highlights concepts, models and methods that are important for the design, control, operation, and management of global supply chains in a dynamic world. The course introduces frameworks and approaches that cannot only be used to describe and analyse supply chain strategies but that also provide guidelines for the actual business operations. Stress is placed on supply chain integration. In relation to this cross-functional and cross business alignment are being dealt with.

About the Marketing in the Global Context course
This course seeks to introduce students to both conceptual tools and practical realities of marketing within globalising business environments. Through using cases and examples from various countries, students should gain insights on effective marketing practices and be challenged to apply ethical principles in 'real-world' contexts. The course zooms in on international marketing strategies practiced by multinational companies in manufacturing and service industries.

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