MSM Orange Tulip Scholarships (OTS)

Application deadline for the 2021 MSM Orange Tulip Scholarships: 1 April 2021

MSM offers generous scholarships within the Orange Tulip Scholarship program (OTS) for its Master in Management program and its MBA programs. The OTS program gives talented students in several countries where the Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESO) are located, the opportunity to study in the Netherlands. 

MSM-OTS scholarships are available in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam.

So do you want to learn from diversity in one of MSM’s international classrooms? Then make sure to apply before 1 April 2021 for the OTS scholarship!

Master in Management program
For the Master in Management program MSM offers the following OTS scholarships:
-  2 scholarships of 60% bringing your tuition fee to € 6,400

MBA programs
For the Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and Online MBA, MSM offers the following OTS scholarships:
- 1 scholarship of 80% bringing your tuition fee to € 6,500
- 1 scholarship of 60% bringing your tuiton fee to € 13,000

How to apply for the OTS scholarship
Step 1: Apply online before 1 April 2021 on the MSM portal via this link
Step 2: Create and upload a 1 minute video presentation (check the full guidelines for the required content of the video)
Step 3: Complete the application form available on the website of Nuffic NESO office in your country. Below you can find the NESO website per country:
NESO Brazil
NESO China
NESO India
NESO Indonesia information MBA & NESO Indonesia information MM
NESO Korea
NESO Mexico
NESO Russia 
NESO South Africa
NESO Vietnam

Please find the full application guidelines here

To have the chance to be selected for the OTS scholarship you need to be admitted into the program by Maastricht School of Management first. Scholarshjps will be awarded in May 2021.