In the classroom: A student's perspective on the first three courses of the Full-time MBA 2023


The last few weeks, the full-time MBA participants kicked-off their Full-time MBA experience with three courses; Managing Cultural Diversity, Research Methods and Accounting for Managers. In this blog, current full-time MBA participant Maria Pericão da Veiga from Portugal shares with you how she is experiencing the programme, studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus and what her key learning outcomes have been so far.


Course highlights

“The Managing Cultural Diversity course emphasised the challenges and benefits that come with working in a multicultural workplace and offered practical strategies to make collaboration between people of different backgrounds easier. I gained valuable insights into working with people from diverse backgrounds (nationalities, religions, education and others). Research Methods provided us with valuable insights into how to approach our final projects. The course encouraged us to collaborate and brainstorm, and helped us to identify relevant literature and formulate effective research questions. Accounting for Managers helped us to gain a deep understanding of accounting and how to effectively analyse a company. This knowledge will help us make informed decisions about business strategies and future steps. Furthermore, the course equipped us with the fundamental knowledge and critical tools necessary to understand the complexities of corporate decision-making.”

Key learning outcomes

“For me, the Managing Cultural Diversity course has helped me to work more effectively with international teams. Accounting for Managers has given me the fundamental knowledge and skills to understand accounting and make those critical business decisions. Research Methods has enabled me to communicate concisely, write effectively, and make ethical decisions in my academic and professional life. I have acquired the skills to ask the right questions and obtain the necessary information.”

Maria also highlighted the engaging lectures. “The lecturers presented real-life cases in a dynamic and enjoyable manner, which helped us to foster critical thinking. Collaborating with classmates from diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds created a more complete and richer learning experience and allowed us to see different perspectives then only our own.”

Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus

“Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus is an amazing experience. The green park, occasional deer sightings, and historic buildings create a relaxing environment that is favourable to focused studies. The modern facilities offer ample space for both individual and group study, which enhances the overall learning experience.”

About the Managing Cultural Diversity course
This course focuses on managing cultural diversity in the global business context. Its aim is to provide students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the role of culture and diversity in the achievement of an organisation’s strategy, with specific attention to the complexity of managing people both in diverse cross-cultural and international environments.

About the Research Methods course
The Research Methods course gives students the opportunity to develop the basis of their final project by defining an appropriate literature review leading to specific research questions and objectives and identifying the appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques based on relevant primary and secondary sources.

About the Accounting for Managers course
The Accounting for Managers course focuses on the use of current reporting and accounting concepts in international business. It will discuss how accounting information can be interpreted and used in managerial decision-making and students will get an overview of financial decision-making and its art form.

Click here for the course description of each course in the Full-time MBA.

Do you also want to join the full-time MBA and develop your management skills in a diverse, international and multicultural environment? Click here for more information about the programme, the curriculum, the available scholarships and the admission requirements. You can also chat with current students and alumni and get first-hand insights in how they have experienced the programme. The next intake will start in September 2024.

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