Meet your full-time MBA lecturers: Dr. Stephanie Jones


Wondering who your full-time MBA lecturers are going to be? What their teaching style is? How you can apply what you learned in your job? This and much more will be addressed in an upcoming series of blogs in which your full-time MBA lecturers will introduce themselves and their classes. First up, Dr. Stephanie Jones…

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Dr. Stephanie Jones and I am an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at MSM.
I have lived and worked in the UK, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East – and taught classes for MSM all over the world. I have worked in Corporate Communications, been a freelance journalist, a magazine editor, a trainer, a headhunter, a consultant and now a professor! During your full-time MBA journey at MSM you will follow my classes in “Managing Cultural Diversity” and “Leadership and Organizational Behaviour”.

What can students expect during your course? 
During my course you can expect to think and question everything. You will focus on working together with your fellow students in multicultural groups and to take responsibility for your own individual and group projects. You will also learn how to work with tight deadlines and how to make decisions on the spot – just like in the real business world!

Don’t sit on the sideline but join in!
“I am a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage”. My teaching style involves lots of active participation, excercises, games, quizzes and role plays. I need you to get involved 100%, 120% would even be better!

"Dr. Stephanie Jones is an enthusiastic teacher and motivates her students to get the most of each session.”

Current full-time MBA student Vaishali Bagada (2020)

A first insight into my classes…
There might be a short lecture at first but that is just to introduce you to what is happening. We will do short assignments in groups every day, which count towards your group work (30%). There will be some preliminary work and some homework every night. If you are really keen and hard-working you can finish the final assignment (70%) during the week of the class – it’s a reflective journal about everything we did – relating class concepts to your own experiences. During your reflective journal you can talk about your own achievements and disasters, hopes and fears. This is also a great way to see how far you have come. Keep it and look at it again after a year!

The main take-aways…
After my courses you will have something to write in your CV and something to talk about to potential new employers.

  • “I have experience of working effectively in multicultural teams.”
  • “I can brief colleagues going on overseas business trips on how to deal successfully with multicultural challenges.”
  • “I can set up a diversity and inclusion policy based on benchmarking best practice.”
  • “My preferred communication, conflict-handling, leadership and teamwork style is … “
  • “In a crisis situation, such as in the COVID-19 pandemic, my contribution to leadership and management is…”

The learning outcomes from my highly practical classes can be used directly in the workplace, on a daily basis.

Congratulations – It will change your life!
You are very brave to take this step of joining a full-time program in a foreign country at a time of great uncertainty. So the first thing is CONGRATULATIONS! It will change your life. The MSM full-time MBA program will open your eyes, and your heart, as well as your brain. You may be doing the full-time MBA to impress employers, customers, investors, family and friends – but most of all this year is for YOU. It is a wonderful opportunity to prove to yourself what you can really do!

About the MSM full-time MBA
The MSM full-time MBA will challenge you to develop your management skills in a diverse, international and multicultural environment. The one-year program is normally conducted at the MSM campus in Maastricht. However, these insecure times has required MSM to remain flexible, and adapt, to the situation at hand. To accommodate your needs, we have therefore made the following changes to our MSM full-time MBA program, allowing you to choose one of the following 2 options:

  • Start your full-time MBA journey online in September 2020 and join the on-campus classes in January 2021
  • ​Start your full-time MBA journey on-campus in January 2021

Besides the regular classes and activities we also offer you a special optional Career and Personal Development Track (CPDT) to help you achieve your career goals and an Innovation Week and many extracurricular activities if the Covid-19 situation allows. To allow you to customize your MBA around your specific study needs and career perspectives, MSM offers a number of business-related and industry-focused specializations.