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Sustainable Business in the Global Economy - Expertise Track

The MBA Expertise Track in Sustainable Business in the Global Economy explores business issues facing international managers working both in developing and emerging economies. This expertise track offers courses on

  • Sustainability in the Global Economy
  • Green & Inclusive Innovation
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Fair Trade & Global Value Chains

Upon completion you will have the skills to manage in a global business environment. You will not only develop an insight into the challenges facing the contemporary international organisation, but will also understand the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets.

Sustainability in the Global Economy
No business can operate successfully today without understanding the interconnectivity of the global economy. This course will cover some of the major forces that are affecting the contemporary business environment, ranging from the repercussions of the 2009 financial crisis and the role of the BRICs, as well as addressing of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Rio +20 agenda and the needs of the circular economy.

Green & Inclusive Innovation
Innovation is a key driver providing managers with new market opportunities. This course gives you a contemporary perspective on innovation. It highlights the importance of green innovations that reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities and which create solutions for sustainable development. Moreover, it provides a platform for developing inclusive innovation, showing how high performance products and services can be created for bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers.

International Human Resource Management
No business functions without people, and being able to manage this essential resource effectively, is crucial to any business leader. International Human Resource Management focuses on activities such as recruitment, training and development, compensation as well as performance appraisal. Moreover, the course gives you an insight into the importance of labour mobility in the global economy, with particular reference to how highly skilled immigration, refugees and migrants play an essential role in meeting today’s skills shortages.

Fair Trade & Global Value Chains
Understanding how value is added to goods as they move around the world, is essential for any global manager. In the course Fair Trade & Global Value Chains you will learn about sustainability in the global value chain, from raw materials to finished products. Furthermore, you will gain insight into the importance of industry clusters and governmental regulations that are engaged at each stage of the products’ development.