Executive MBA Hungary

  • Diploma
    2 MBA degrees
  • Mode
  • Duration
    19 months
  • Accreditation

The Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA is an international double degree program, offered in partnership by Corvinus University of Budapest and the Maastricht School of Management (MSM), with SEED Business School as an associate partner.

  • Faculty members of Corvinus and MSM are involved in teaching, with SEED bringing in practitioner lecturers and guest speakers with extensive regional market experience.
  • Courses take place at two locations: the core courses are held in Budapest while the specializations courses are held in Maastricht during the MBA Specialization Summer School.
  • Participants receive two MBA degrees upon successful completion of the program: one from Corvinus University of Budapest and one from MSM.
  • The program focuses on transition to general management. It covers the essential knowledge of all functional areas, prepares the participants for leadership role and focuses on the mastery of 2 important skills: problem solving and team work.

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