Executive MBA Hungary

MSM MBA and Corvinus Executive MBA curricula

The MSM MBA consists of 18 courses and a Master's Thesis and the Corvinus Executive MBA consists of 32 courses and a Master's Thesis. 

MSM MBA ECTS* Corvinus EMBA Credits Faculty
Core courses Finance 3 Corporate Finance and FinLab 5 Corvinus
Accounting for Managers 3 Accounting and Law 5 Corvinus
Digital Transformation 3 Digital Transformation and Process Management 5 Corvinus
Entrepreneurship 3 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5 MSM
Research Methods 3 Research methodology 5 Corvinus
Decision Making Tools 3
Marketing in a Global Context 3 Marketing 5 MSM
Global Supply Chain Management 3 Global Supply Chain Management 5 MSM
Economics for Managers 3 Economics and beyond 5 Corvinus
Global Corporate Strategy 3 Global Corporate Strategy 5 Corvinus
Change Management 3 Change Management 5 MSM
Leadership & Organisational Behaviour 3 Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management 5 Corvinus
Managing Cultural Diversity 3 Managing Cultural Diversity 4 Corvinus
Corporate Responsibiliy and Ethics 3 Sustainability and Ethics 5 MSM
Exerpertise Tracks** Expertise track course 1 3 Expertise track course 1 3 MSM
Expertise track course 2 3 Expertise track course 2 2 MSM
Expertise track course 3 3 Expertise track course 3 3 MSM
Expertise track course 4 3 Expertise track course 4 2 MSM
Master's Thesis*** 16 10 Corvinus/MSM
Personal Leadership Development Workshop 1-4 8 Corvinus
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) 5 Corvinus
Management Control 4 Corvinus
Social Enterprise Challenge 5 Corvinus
Disruptive development project 5 Corvinus
Leading people 5 Corvinus
70 ECTS 120 Credits

*  The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme.

** Students choose one of the available Expertise Tracks at MSM. For more information click here.

***The Master's Thesis will be co-supervised by MSM-UM faculty and Corvinus faculty, but evaluated and graded independently by MSM-UM for the MSM MBA and by Corvinus for the Corvinus EMBA, each according to its own standards.