Digital Transformation in a Sustainable World | Maastricht School of Management Digital Transformation in a Sustainable World

  • Certificate
    Certificate of participation
  • Mode
    Full-time (On campus)
  • Course date
    20 January - 31 January 2025
  • Duration
    10 days

Digital Transformation in a Sustainable World

In our globalised world, companies face a challenge as ethical norms vary across countries, demanding diverse economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. Stakeholders now expect businesses to go beyond legal compliance. With 21st-century challenges like climate change and resource scarcity, companies must contribute to societal solutions for their long-term competitiveness.

Part of this course explores the intricate relationship between business and society in a globalised context. It delves into how companies can meet stakeholder expectations by balancing social, environmental, and economic goals. Through practical assignments, you' will gain experience in developing "Strategic Corporate Responsibility" programmess, aligning internal business objectives with stakeholder goals, utilising tools pioneered by Michael Porter.

Simultaneously, digitalisation has become integral to society, transforming every facet of business over the past two decades. Participants will be introduced to the multidisciplinary process of business transformation in the digital age. Beyond implementing cutting-edge technologies, it emphasizes the strategic, leadership, and mindset shifts required for success. Decision-makers will learn to revise visions, strategies, and operational methods for enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved customer engagement.

Join us on a journey of "Digital Transformation in a Sustainable World," where responsible corporate practices meet the demands of a digitally evolving landscape, shaping the future of businesses in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.