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Sector focus

We strengthen institutions in fragile contexts to further support local economic development

The rule of law is fundamental to international peace and security and political stability to achieve economic and social progress. Furthermore, the rule of law is of importance for the development of protecting people’s rights and fundamental freedoms.

How we can help you

MSM is engaged in different rule of law projects around the world, and we have ample experience in the field through working in countries and regions of conflict. Our projects focus on strengthening institutions which are positioned in fragile contexts but need support to further establish local economic development in that particular region or country. MSM’s capacity building work in this field concentrates on the managerial strengthening of the educational institutions, ministries, NGO’s and business associations, while also centralising the building of linkages between them.

Through research focusing on topics related to conflict mapping, doing business in conflict environments, the Dutch diamond development approach, migration, value chain analysis but also by addressing mental health issues and assessing governance frameworks for ministries, businesses and vocational training and universities working in fragile environments we know how to cope and help you further develop under severe circumstances.

How we provide support on different levels

Focus area Impact For whom Products
Individual Entrepreneurship (for Youth), labour market assessment, project management, leadership development, Emerging Markets Development Short term Teachers, Professors, Managers, Policy officers, Educational Management, Government Management, Business Management, NGO Management Workshops, Short term training, online training, degree-based programmes, coaching, field and work visits, exposure visits, platform discussions
Educational Curriculum Development, Didactical approaches, Quality Assurance Development Medium term Practitioners, Educators Workshops, Short term training, on the job training, consulting advice on conflict mapping, negotiations and leadership
Organisational Strategic leadership and organisational development in fragile contexts Medium term Management Workshops, Executive short term training courses, Custom-made training, Applied research on how to lead/operate in fragile contexts as an educational institution
Institutional Pre-cluster policy assessment and development, private sector development, partnership development in fragile contexts Medium term Policy makers, Managers Applied research, workshops, consulting on setting up checks and balances mechanisms and policies

Our impact in practice

Enhancing TVET curricula and programmes for Internally Displaced People and Refugees in Sudan

Through Education, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and also refugees are able to see themselves as agents of change; by investing in the minds and capacities of refugees, we are investing in individuals who will either return to rebuild and transform civil society in a post-conflict nation or integrate and contribute to the workforce of the host community via meaningful and sustainable employment.

Through this project we are supporting improved organisational and institutional capacity of the Ministry of Labour & Social Development (MoLSD) in placing policy frameworks, roadmaps and instruments aimed at enhancing the relevance and delivery of TVET training and services to IDPs and refugees and improving partnerships and engagement of state and local institutes, private sector actors, social enterprise and TVET institutions.