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Sector focus

The expertise area Mental, Sexual and Reproductive Health covers projects in activities related to gender equality, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS).

Through institutional strengthening and capacity development amongst staff and trainers, MSM improves mental, sexual and reproductive health care for vulnerable groups.

MSM has implemented various projects on SGBV, SRHR and MHPSS in Lebanon, Angola, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Projects are always carried out in collaboration with local partners who are well aware of the important role of culture and traditional beliefs.

How can we help you

MSM - in close collaboration with regional partners - offers extensive tailor made trajectories to develop organisations and their staff working in the areas of SRHR, SGBV and MHPSS. Starting with formative research to identify knowledge and skill gaps, solutions are offered to improve infrastructure, design courses and train staff to better deal with cases related to mental, sexual and reproductive health. MSM has gained strong experience in managing complex projects working with international research and training organisations, ensuring proper embeddedness of local needs and taking into account contextual limitations.

How we provide support on different levels

Focus area Impact For whom Products
Individual level Training of Trainers (ToT) Short term Professionals/practitioners (e.g. police, judicial, medical, psychosocial) Trainings
Educational level Curriculum design, course development, pre- and post-testing, e-learning programme development Medium term Professionals/practitioners, trainers ToT sessions, field labs, surveys, advice on test results and identified areas for improvement, e-learning courses, educational programmes 
Organisational level (Formative) research, knowledge development, resource mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation Medium term Organisational leaders Research reports, knowledge and resource development plans, M&E plans and reports
Institutional level Regional research activities, network development, and partnership initiatives, impact assessments Long term Policy makers, organisational leaders Stakeholder meetings, reports, networking activities and workshops, articles

Our impact in practice

End Impunity of Sexual and Gender Based Violence
The 3-year Nuffic project End Impunity of SGBV (EIS) started in 2019 and together with local partner ICGLR-RTF, MSM has helped the Judicial Training Institute and the Uganda Police Senior Command and Staff College to train 90 judicial and police trainers as well as 505 police officers to better deal with cases of SGBV. Further, a resource centre was established and the development of an online course is in progress. A core team of the Ugandan institutions was able to come to MSM for a benchmark visit and to attend a strategy course.

“The visit to the MUMC+ Hospital during the benchmark visit was so inspiring and educational. It opened my eyes on how the police needs to work with other professional partners to strengthen evidence collection in SGBV cases. The hospital was also so clean and not frightening. No smell of drugs or medicine. This can make the SGBV survivors more comfortable. The visit made me visualise the link between theory and practice in collection of forensic evidence and made our exposure visit more practical. We learned a lot and we will take it back home.” – Dr. John Kamya, Commandant at Police Senior Command and Staff College - Bwebajja