Faculty and Staff

M.J. (Meinhard) Gans, MSc

Chief Executive Officer ad interim

Ms. C.A.P. (Chantal) Muyrers, BA

Chief Financial Officer ad interim

Ms. K. (Katalin) Kovacs, MPA

Associate Dean Global Education Programs

Ms. M.A.G. (Marion) Rutten-Klerckx, MA (Law)

Director Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Stuart Dixon, PhD

Director of Academics a.i. / Academic Coordinator MBA Programs

D.N. (David) Cass, MA

Director of Education and Executive Development

D.P. (Diederik) de Boer, PhD

Director International Projects and Consultancies / Assistant Professor Sustainable Business Development

Ms. P.C.M.H. (Pascale) Hardy, PhD

Director Research School and Online Education

Ms. C.M.J. (Caroline) Jansen, BA

Executive Secretary to the Management Team