"you are all stars of gold - I urge you to go out, brighten your businesses and make the world a better place!"


This is how Dr. Andreas Zynga, Professor of Practice in Strategy at MSM, closed his inspirational speech for the MBA graduates at the recent Graduation Ceremony at CENTRUM Peru. On 12 June 19 graduates from the joint MSM-CENTRUM MBA program received their well-deserved degrees

Dr. Zynga praised the graduates for the hard work and hard learning they conducted in the past two years to obtain the MBA degree. He also provided them with a motivational ‘assignment’ for the future: 

“Now that you’ve qualified for the World Championship of Management, you have the opportunity to apply, but also to share what you’ve learned in a successful and socially responsible manner wherever you may go next.”

A day earlier Dr. Zynga had the honor to hand out the degrees to the MPhil and DBA graduates. He congratulated the graduates with their enormous accomplishment and highlighted the value of their degree: “By deciding to pursue this degree, you obviously made a very significant investment in yourself. I think that that is a very smart investment, as quality education yields more benefits than any other investment, and importantly, it is something that no one can ever take away from you.” In total seven MPhil and four DBA graduates received their degree. Dr. Zynga mentioned the sacrifices the graduates had to make in pursuing this degree: “You and your loved one’s made sacrifices by taking valuable time away from time with them. I sincerely hope you feel it was worth it, and I also wish for you to become fabulously successful and happy as a result of this impressive degree.”

While at CENTRUM in Peru, Dr. Zynga took the opportunity to provide an interactive master class for faculty, staff, students and alumni of CENTRUM with the topic Open Innovation – Building Businesses in Europe and USA. The master class received a lot of positive feedback and was highly valued by the participants.

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