Participative development of women entrepreneurship strategy and policy framework in Palestine


From 27 to 30 August 2018, MSM supported a four-day mission on Women Entrepreneurship Promotion Policies for the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) in Ramallah, Palestine.

The team, consisting of two international and one national expert, interviewed 23 respondents in the first two days. Subsequently, a participative workshop of two days was conducted with 24 staff members from various stakeholder organisations.

The mission was a follow up to an interactive workshop conducted in May 2018, focused on addressing the context of women entrepreneurship in Palestine and facilitating a shared understanding of women entrepreneurship, underlying the policy development. These results now enabled the first steps towards the creation of a relevant and feasible women entrepreneurship strategy and policy framework.

The workshop was directed towards developing a rough framework, designed around the following pillars related to women entrepreneurship: “Strengthening the overall conducive environment”, “Strengthening the regulatory environment”, “Enhancing education and skills”, “Using innovation and technology”, improving access to finance” and “Raising awareness and networking”.

The workshop was of a highly interactive nature, which allowed the participants to introduce their own and their organisation’s views, experiences and priorities on women entrepreneurship, helping the team to capture a comprehensive picture. In the near future, this training will be followed by on-site and remote support to the actual development of a women entrepreneurship policy for MoNE, by prioritizing the suggested activities and assisting the draft development of related policies.

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