Understanding, practicing and preparing a convincing proposal


In the framework of the Netherlands-funded SEAD-West project, aiming at strengthening the capacities of the agricultural vocational education in Rwanda, Dr Huub Mudde, Assistant Professor MSM, delivered in February a four-days training on Grant Proposal Writing. The participants were Applied Research and Innovation Coordinators and other relevant researchers and staff of Rwanda Polytechnic (RP), regional polytechnic colleges (IPRC) and technical high schools (TSS).

The interactive training that took place in Musanze, Rwanda, assisted the participants in understanding and practicing that preparing a convincing proposal is much more than just writing a good text. It is about managing the process well, demonstrating with evidence the expertise and experience, and translating a request for proposals in a well-structured, internally consistent strategy that starts from a problem statement all the way down to measurable indicators with a vision on sustainability and impact.

The participants were unanimous in their positive evaluation. Many hope to be able to practice more and team-up with MSM in hopefully winning project applications.

About SEAD West
maastricht School of Management in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) implements the SEAD West project: Strengthening Education for Agricultural Development. Through the project, the education & training institutions (IPRC Karongi, TVET Gisovu, TVET Kivumu, and TVET Bumba) are capacitated to better address the needs of the stakeholders in the agriculture sector with a focus on the Agri-Tourism value Chain.

The SEAD West project has, broadly, three lines of intervention: 1) Curriculum Development/Revision, both formal and non-formal; 2) strengthen the Applied research & innovation capacities of the partner institutions and 3) strengthen the outreach services, more specifically the offer of tailor-made training, and establishment of Service, Training, and Innovation Center in Agri-Tourism focusing on the Horticulture value chain and hospitality.

Orange Knowledge Programme
This project is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies

This institutional collaboration project is part of MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. The department is an expert centre on local economic development in emerging and developing markets.‚Äč We capacitate managers and professionals from government, private sector, NGOs, and post-secondary education in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. We offer consultancy and customized training programs, and we manage complex projects in key sectors, e.g. water, agriculture and health. For more information click here.

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