Towards zero accident in steel plants and other industries


On 17 April 2018 Mr. Ahmad Karami successfully defended his DBA-thesis titled: Towards Zero Accident in Steel Plants and other Industries at Maastricht School of Management.

“I would certainly recommend the DBA-experience at MSM. The DBA-program with a focus on practical knowledge has given me the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills acquired immediately in the business practice. This also motivated myself to dive deeper into this field and solve the problems attached to my research topic”.

Research topic
Securing health and safety at the workplace serves to maintain the vitality of the workforce and protect both humans and material assets. Creation of a healthy production environment is impossible unless the hazardous occupational and environmental factors are identified and principle solutions for their elimination are found.

If, parallel to the development of an industry, due attention is not paid to other issues such as the health and safety of the people involved, not only can the economic development not be reached, but in the long term all benefits gained for the country from the very same industry will be spent on compensation. Mr. Karami indicated that it is essential to identify and eliminate the causes of accidents to save the employers from fatal and destructive consequences, as they do not happen unexpectedly.

In this respect a conceptual model is developed to improve safety management and to reduce or eliminate accidents in their entirety to specify a move towards zero accidents in steel plants based on a management approach.

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