Tailor Made Training for the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia at MSM


From 01 until 05 October a group of 18 senior Civil Servants of the Indonesian Court of Audit (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia) (BPK) visited MSM for a one week tailor made program on ”Effective Soft & Communication Skills for Leaders”

In the past a number of tailor made programs were carried out for BPK. This year’s program was lectured by Ms. Miriam Frijns. She focused on special request from BPK on providing knowledge and skills in order to optimize the implementation of BPK’s mission. Participants should be enriched with skills, such as business communication, teamwork and stress management.

Special was that this year Prof. Dr. Bahrullah Akbar, Vice Chairman of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia  visited MSM during the program. He joined one session after which he discussed with MSM’s CEO a.i. Meinhard Gans avenues for further cooperation.

On departure participants expressed great appreciation about the topics presented.