The Future of Global Trade – debating the challenges


Recently MSM Professor of Economics Harald Sander contributed to the Studium Generale Debate Café organized by Maastricht University (UM). The theme of the debate was The Future of Global Trade, and aimed to discuss important challenges affecting global trade.

In the Debate Café Professor Harald Sander discussed these challenges with a panel of experts. Particular attention was given to the rise of China and the future of the multilateral system, especially the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Professor Sander emphasized that after almost 25 years of bringing the WTO into existence the structural changes in the global economy require deep adjustments in the global trading system. In particular, important developments like digitalization, the rise of emerging economies and the need to reconcile sustainable and inclusive development with global trade, require rebalancing the world trading system at the national, regional and global level simultaneously. In today’s world of rising nationalism, this is not an easy, though not hopeless task, Professor Sander indicated. Especially Europe is in charge and in the position to play a positive role for a world of regions that stays open.

About the UM Studium Generale Debate Café
The Debate Café covers important recent developments in science and society. It is a meeting place for experts, researchers and students. The Debate Cafe is held in an informal setting. A panel of experts talks about their research and its relation to and impact on society. Everyone in the audience can go into debate with the panel and exchange views and ideas.

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