SEAD strengthens project management capacities of its partner institutions


From 18th– 22nd January 2021, SEAD/SEADWest conducted a five days virtual training for staff from IPRC’s, UR (CAVM, CBE, CST) and INES Ruhengeri on project management (5th cohort) to strengthen special management & project management capacities of its partner institutions.

The facilitator Mr. Rui Miguel Santos from Maastricht School of Management introduced participants to logical models (key concepts, analytical tools planning tools, monitoring and evaluation tools, analysis, and reporting).

The main objective of the workshop was to teach participants to: describe the main structural elements in a project; understand the project’s life cycle and its different stages; get to know the techniques used for the context analysis leading to the identification of needs and opportunities for potential investments; understand the planning and budgeting techniques required to formulate a project tackling opportunities and needs; understand the main steps in the design of a monitoring & evaluation system. The training also helped the participants to improve their skills in project management through understanding monitoring and evaluation information flows; describing how to identify and select evaluation questions; characterizing the difference types of evaluation questions; describing and determining each type of question for given situations as well as writing clear and appropriate questions to evaluate a development project, program or policy.

All participants were enthusiastic and effectively participated in the training, and believed the training will make a significant contribution towards the successful implementation of their work, as evidenced by one of the participants: ‘’Project management training was very important as it increased and enhanced and improved our skills especially project management, internal monitoring, project evaluations and the best approach to design a project, which (we will) proper(ly) use while collecting project data for monitoring and evaluations. We really appreciated the trainer, even though the training was online, but he provided theory mixed with assignments and games. “said Uwitonze Emmanuel, a lecturer at Ines Ruhengeri.

Over 70 people from partner institutions received this project management training and they are already applying their new project management skills in their respective institutions as proved by Kagaba Emmanuel a business development consultancy and investment specialist at university of Rwanda “Project management skills acquired helps me in my daily basis development and management of the projects that am in charge of, on top of it as the student mentor in  business and entrepreneurship, this skills helps me to engage them into their current and future career projects.

Source: SEAD

About SEADWest
The SEAD-West project is managed by Maastricht School of Management (MSM) and is strongly aligned to the currently running SEAD project under Nuffic NICHE. Where SEAD is focusing on the poultry, dairy, horticulture and potato value chains in the Northern, Eastern and Southern provinces, SEAD-West is contributing to food & nutrition security in Western province of Rwanda. The project will build new and strengthen existing partnerships to boost agricultural value chain development and ensures equal opportunities, labor market relevance and strengthening management of the chain actors for sustainability.

Orange Knowledge Programme
This project is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

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