Strategic leadership and organizational change recipes for success


7 participants from 5 different cultures took part in the 2-week Executive Program of which the first week was assigned to Strategic Leadership and the second week to Change Management.

These programs are especially developed to help leaders and potentials leaders to improve their leadership skills, organizational skills and the skills how to implement change into their own organizations. The main focus was to further develop their talents, personal character traits and habits in order to better interact and communicate with their sub-ordinates, co-workers and customers.

In the first module on Strategic Leadership Leo Kerklaan, author and trainer strategy implementations & performance management, taught the participants the strategic process around analyzing, decision making and planning with the objective to direct the organization towards the goals decided in the overall strategic plan. In this a very important element was the implementation of the strategic plan to realize the desired performance. Ms. Fragrance Manyala commented on Leo Kerklaan: “He takes time to explain a concept and provides many examples to improve understanding”.

In the second module on Change Management Geert Heling, Professor of Organizational Behavior at MSM, focused on the factor of change in today’s business world. A world in which organizations have to adapt constantly to both their external environment but also to their internal organization. The training equipped the participants with managerial skills and capabilities to lead organizational change processes. Mr. Khalid Farrah expressed his satisfaction about Geert Heling: “Geert Heling is a very knowledgeable and professional professor highly acquainted with skills and an expert in this field”.

Insights from companies
Part of the programs two work visits were organized. The participant of the first week were treated with a visit to SABIC in Sittard were they got a presentation of the implementation and result of a strategic decision to move away from a traditional office configuration to the flex 4 all concept. The participants of second week went to Municipality of Maastricht where they were taken in the various steps of the change process from a rather bureaucratic organization in 2001 to the public friendly and transparent set up per today. It was specifically mentioned that in addition to the change process, the influx of foreign students and refugees the organization is confronted with new change challenges to which one has to adapt to.

Not only the fact that participants came from different cultures but also they were active in different working environments had a creative effect on the group discussions and it substantially improved the interaction during role-play exercise part of the assignments.

Do you also want to learn how to design effective change programs and develop the personal management skills to successfully lead change processes in your organization? MSM will run another Strategic Leadership program from 21 January – 25 January 2019 and Change Management program from 28 January – 1 February 2019. We hope to meet your there!

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