Managing Migration: Special Envoy visits Maastricht School of Management


On 21 March 2018 MSM welcomed Mrs. Marit Maij, Special Envoy Migration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with her colleagues Mr. Huub von Frijtag Drabbe and Mr. Manuel Voordewind from the Migration Policy Bureau. They visited MSM for discussions on migration and the role of capacity building in different areas. Mrs. Maij also gave an excellent lecture on Migration, Policies and Future Challenges to MSM faculty and students.

During the interactive lecture Mrs. Maij outlined the policies and future challenges in the migration framework. The international context, migration to Europe, and the Dutch policy were all discussed and evoked a lively debate. Mrs. Maij emphasized the complex legal context of the current refugee crises and the steps being taken to improve this. The 2016  New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants has been developed for example in 2016 to support a global migration system on refugees and migration.

MSM is involved in various initiatives to improve the plight of migrants and to address the root causes of migration, including support for migrant (women) entrepreneurs, sustainable agricultural development and understanding the governance and reception of refugees.

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