SAIL institutes launch first website


MSM and the other SAIL members are proud to launch its first ever website and we hope that you will take a look at the newly created website which will give you more information about SAIL, the SAIL institutes, the vision and mission statement, alumni and how the institutes respond to Covid-19.

SAIL is a platform of seven international higher education and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands that contribute to the Sustainable Global Development (SDG) with partners in the global south. SAIL's mission is to foster and strengthen inclusive sustainable development globally by means of education, research and capacity-building, and in partnership with local actors.

The Institutes
SAIL exists out of 7 institutes who collaborate to help provide inclusive sustainable development for everyone. Besides MSM, the other member institutes are African Studies Centre Leiden, Institute for Water Education (IHE), Institute of Housing Studies (IHS, International Institute of Social Studies, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at the University of Twente and The Royal Tropical Institute (Kit)

Visit the website here