Qualitative and quantitative case study research on state ownership of the Egyptian televison


On 19 April 2018 Mr. Gamal Mohamed Elshaer successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: The State Ownership of the Egyptian Television, assessing the current and future possible scenarios. A qualitative & quantitative case study research at MSM.

“Through this study I hope to participate in the reform of Egyptian television by presenting different scenarios to explore the future ownership model in light of the political turbulences affecting both the social and economic factors”, said Mr. Gamal after his successful defense.

The problem of this research lies in the paradox facing the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) and the debate regarding the future of State Owned Media and its impact on the Egyptian TV performance. The main questions in Mr. Gamals’ research revolved around the performance of the Egyptian Television from the media experts and the public audience perspectives. The key findings of Mr. Gamals’ research is that no matter how uncompetitive the Egyptian television is, the majority of the respondent (experts, stakeholders, managers, public audience) valued the ERTU as a national entity because of its strategic role. Therefore it should be publicly owned by the Government.

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