Promoting women entrepreneurship in Palestine


From 6 -10 May 2018, MSM delivered a four-day participative training workshop on Women Entrepreneurship Promotion Policies for the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) in Ramallah, Palestine. Twenty-four staff, 19 women and five men, from relevant organizations participated in the workshop.

The training was conducted by Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen and Herma Majoor and is part of a Nuffic-funded program contributing to Palestinian women’s entrepreneurship development and gender equality.

The purpose was to address the context and facilitate a shared understanding of women entrepreneurship, underlying the policy development, to enable the creation of relevant and feasible women entrepreneurship policies.

The workshop was of a highly interactive nature, which allowed the participants to internalize and adapt the acquired knowledge optimally to their own working environment. The group learned about women entrepreneurship, gender and women empowerment related concepts and approaches, and identified constraints to women entrepreneurship and ways to address those. A situation analysis was conducted related to existing policies in the field of gender and women entrepreneurship.

The outcome of the training was a preliminary framework, outlining the landscape for women entrepreneurs in Palestine, and the areas that were identified as feasible to address in policies and strategies. The framework includes the target groups and geographic coverage, specific gap areas, broad overview of activities, responsibilities and time frame.

In the near future, this training will be followed by support to enhance the outcomes. Subsequent technical assistance will be provided to the actual development of a women entrepreneurship policy for MoNE, and the formulation of coordination mechanisms, based on the outcomes of this workshop.

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