Palestinian delegation visits MSM to learn about university-industry cooperation


From the 14th till the 18th of January a delegation from four Palestinian universities visited MSM. The ten Palestinians – university Vice Presidents and Deans - attended this leadership study trip as part of the Nuffic project ‘Palestinian Agricultural Academic Cooperation (PAAC).’

The participants were from Al-Quds University, An-Najah National University, Palestine Technical University/Khadoorie and Hebron University.  During their stay at MSM a lecture about Triple Helix in the Netherlands was given by Jacques Mikx, former senior officer at LIOF, the provincial enterprising investment organization. Furthermore, the delegation visited the Venlo Greenport area to get a good insight in sustainable and modern farming and cooperation with agribusiness. Subsequently, the group had additional visits organized by Aeres in Dronten.

Organizations and companies that were visited:

  • Citaverde College: An agricultural school in the south of the Netherlands
  • Agroleeft: A collaboration between green vocational education and business in the Southeast Netherlands region
  • Westburg Tomato Farm: Innovative modern tomato farm and committed growers of red and yellow cherry tomatoes and baby plum tomatoes.
  • Dairy farm Hoeve Rosa: A very modern dairy farm and his farm is used for education and internship purposes by CITAVERDE College.
  • Brightland Campus Greenport Venlo (Villa Flora Box) & Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation: focussing on healthy food & nutrition, future farming and biocircular economy
  • Green Tech Lab at Fontys University Venlo: Centre of Expertise High Tech Systems and Materials.

The Nuffic project aims to give Palestinian people access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, while Palestinian farmers, including smallholders, have the capacity to compete nationally and internationally will run till mid-2020.

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